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Kenes Rakishev facts and mysteries

There are no more than forty «about-billionaires» in the CIS who could boast of an honestly earned billion. One of them is the Kazakh venture investor Kenes Rakishev. Earlier we have already talked about Rakishev, today we will shed light on some other facts of Kenes Khamitula’s biography. According to media reports, Kenes Rakishev intends to invest several hundred million dollars in launching mines at one of the largest cobalt and nickel deposits in Kazakhstan.

According to the plans of businessmen, work on ore extraction will begin in 3 years, they will be delivered to Russia and some Asian countries. According to experts, this project can be considered promising if you look at the situation on the nickel market. But the prices for cobalt do not inspire optimism yet.

The deposit is located near Semipalatinsk. According to Kenes Rakishev, the total ore reserves are estimated at almost 55 million tons. The nickel content in it is estimated at 406 thousand tons, cobalt-almost 30 thousand tons. Experimental and technological work has already been completed here, wells and all the rest of the infrastructure of the first mine have been prepared. In 3 years, a cluster should appear here, which will include several ready-made mines. The project provides for the production of not only nickel, but also other metals obtained on its basis. The demand for them has been constantly growing in the global industry in recent years. Therefore, all industrially developed countries and regions, including Japan, the United States, and the European Union, can become potential buyers.

The mine will use the technology of underground leaching. Its principle is that a special substance is injected through the wells – a solvent in which the ore containing the necessary minerals is dissolved. After that, the ore is pumped to the surface. This technology is used in the uranium industry, but so far it has been little used in nickel mining. If the production cycle at this field is successful, the cost of nickel production will become one of the lowest in the world. Currently, the cost of this metal on the LME is just over 12 thousand dollars per ton.

Business goals of Rakishev Kenes Khamitovich

No. 1 in this list is the Finney blockchain smartphone with the functions of a cryptocurrency wallet and the ability to conduct electronic transactions. It takes into account all the vulnerabilities of the blockchain processes and installs a data protection system from the previous Solarin gadget, which no one has managed to hack. The estimated cost of the device is $999, and the amount required for the release of this cryptophone is $25 million.

No. 2 is a high-speed blockchain computer with a large amount of RAM, equipped with several levels of cyber protection, including biometric, with a recommended price of $799. Another $25 million was needed for its production.

But the interest in digital markets in the world and the need for products of this level of protection are so great that in the first 10 hours of ICO-shares, a record $93 million was collected. And now Sirin labs can release not only all three planned devices, including the Shield OS operating system for secure operations with cryptocurrencies, but also develop further.

It remains only to add that at the insistence of Kenes Rakishev, the series was named after the first miner and owner of the first bitcoin, American Hal Finney, and one of the most famous and highest-paid football player of our time Lionel Messi acted as an advertising ambassador for the ICO campaign.

Kenes Khamitovich Rakishev is quite young by standards, but an extremely talented financier, philanthropist, shareholder and philanthropist, who is known in many parts of our planet. Kazakhstan, a successful businessman, philanthropist, public figure and venture investor, whose experience has allowed us to successfully implement many large projects. He was educated as a lawyer and economist.

Your attention is drawn to one of the latest projects of Kenes Rakishev. Many children are born with minor pathologies that are completely curable with rapid intervention. One of these pathologies is hip dysplasia. It is found in about 80% of newborns and infants aged from 7 days to 3 months. And if it is not treated, then in the future the child will become disabled.

But recently, a solution to this problem was found. Two women with medical education have developed special knitted pants «Yerketai» with a plate that eliminates pathology in a fairly short time. The project turned out to be so unique that it got into the final of the «Build your own Business» competition and received a grant for $10 thousand.

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