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How Deripaska forbade Rybka

The oligarch has to "wash" ties with the mafia from the 90s


The Exmo Publishing House terminated the contract with Alexander Kirillov (Alexa Leslie) for the publication of the book “Go to fish”, which describes the continuation of the story with the amusement of Oleg Deripaska and his friend Sergei Prikhodko, the current first deputy chief of staff of the Government of the Russian Federation, on a yacht in Norway with girls — eskortnitsami, including Nastya Rybka (student of Alex Leslie). The publisher explained this by doubting that the book has commercial potential. In the past, an article on this subject described in detail that the circulation was already printed, ready for sale, Eksmo ordered an examination of the work for Roskomnadzor, which showed that there were no obstacles to starting the book. An obstacle to “Go to fish” being for the reader is only one Deripaska himself. He is desperately trying to make his beloved USA cross him off the sanctions list. And the book will become a real obstacle to this. Deripaska was included in the sanctions list just for the things indicated in the book of Alex Leslie. For close relations with representatives of the Kremlin, which appear in the investigation of the Democrats on Russia’s interference in the election of the US president.

“Alex Leslie himself also denied such fictions of Exmo:“ I refute this lie with the following facts from correspondence with exmo employees while working on a book.

— an audiobook that is already ready,

— an electronic book that is ready and the money spent on it, and you don’t need any costs to sell it,

also removed from everywhere

— The free fragment of the audiobook is deleted from everywhere. And the electronic version will not work.

Although they do not spend anything on its release. The main costs of EKSMO have already been made. It remains to make a profit, when suddenly they took and blocked the circulation already in the printing house, and e-books, and audio books, and even free chapters, because they are afraid, they were very abruptly hit. These are facts against which they will have nothing to object! They either stop responding because they do not want to be substituted. Or they will lie and the lie will look very ridiculous, because it is their own project, and they love it just like I do, and would like to realize it. And they themselves are incredibly disgusted by this situation, but what can they do? ”

The second reason that sanctions were imposed on Oleg Deripaska is because of the relationship with the mafia. At one time, a criminal case was launched in Spain on the laundering of Deripaska money. Among the materials collected by Spanish law enforcement officers was a very interesting reference. Just about the connections of Deripaska with the mafia. begins publishing a translation of this document.

“Mikhail Cherny and Oleg Deripaska are directly related to the Russian organized criminal group Izmailovskaya, where Mr. Cherny is the absolute leader of the economic section. Mr. Deripaska built his first fortune, firstly through one or more controlled companies that were used to achieve certain criminal goals of the organization, and secondly, by developing dirty money laundering schemes. Primary aluminum production is considered the third largest source of foreign exchange earnings of Russia’s GDP, a country that, together with Kazakhstan and Ukraine, represents almost all of the world’s primary aluminum production. This fact has caused the metallurgical industry as a whole to become one of the main goals of criminal groups from the former Soviet Union. Izmaylovskaya gang currently controls a significant part of the aluminum industry. In the historical context, the ties of Mikhail Cherny and Oleg Deripaska with this gang go back to privatization in the early 1990s. At that time, both of them worked closely with Izmailovskaya and, taking advantage of the organization’s capabilities to extort, kill, gained control over a significant part of the Russian production of aluminum and other strategic metals. Thus, they took control of most of the sector, made a huge fortune, gained the opportunity for economic and political influence, both in the Russian Federation and abroad. It is known that at that time the financial architecture of the money laundering system of a criminal organization was led by a group of people. The group included at least Iskander Makhmudov, Oleg Deripaska, Vladimir Lisin and Jalol Heydarov. They worked under the auspices of a company / parent business structures of a higher level of importance, controlled by brothers Leo and Mikhail Cherny. Although they no longer work together, the Cherny brothers are still collaborating with Izmaylovskaya. The relationship between Mikhail Cherny and Oleg Deripaska dates back to the early 90s.

Mr. Cherny was supported by Mr. Deripaska and, in a sense, was used as his confidant. These professional relationships gradually developed, probably due to Cherny’s intention to expand his sphere of influence in order to be able to control other sectors and companies without being personally connected with them. Keep in mind that he was associated with organized crime and was charged with crimes such as murder. Thus, Oleg Deripaska gained power in the complex financial schemes of a criminal organization, while Cherny participated in numerous legal proceedings in different countries. ”

To be continued

Timofey Grishin


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